Why Join Epiphany Courses?

Published by Jen McFarland

Why Join Epiphany Courses?

We created Epiphany Courses because we weren't finding what we so desperately wanted: one place with comprehensive, trusted information, and a community where small business owners could learn, commiserate and grow. Together.

We're trusted advisers in our community providing a safe space to get advice, bounce ideas, and develop new projects.

Join us to collaborate, share and learn from one another, to build each other up and to help all small maker businesses thrive.

Why become an Epiphany Courses member?

Epiphany Courses publishes business articles and creates video and audio courses. But we’re more than that.

Our goal is to grow a vibrant community of members who can interact and collaborate and make each other better.

We’re a small business, and we rely on membership income to fund the work we do: writing in-depth articles, creating checklists and how-to guides, developing and delivering courses, webinars, events, and uncovering ways for members to interact, learn and grow.

Joining Epiphany Courses is an investment in your business. We offer encouragement, mentorship, motivation, and advice to help you thrive.

6 Ways Our Courses Are Different

  1. Created for service-based businesses
  2. Focused on decision-making, budgets, and execution
  3. Quality over quantity. Our courses are built for quick, effective business decisions
  4. All courses are standalone products. Courses are not upsells into an expensive program or consulting contract
  5. Not forced to engage in a social media group
  6. Courses are taught by vetted, expert business leaders

Topics Covered

  1. Business
  2. Marketing*
  3. Podcasting
  4. Social Media

Coming soon: Finance, Leadership, and Productivity.

*Marketing is a large discipline that includes podcasting and social media. As our catalog grows we will continue to split large categories into manageable pieces.

Learning Experiences Included in Your Membership

  1. Online video courses (about an hour or less) with workbooks or worksheets to aid in applying the lessons learned in your own business
  2. Monthly live online community social hours: accountability and Q & A with the founders in a supportive environment
  3. Monthly live public training events (free for members, paid for non-members)
  4. Audio-only lessons delivered via mobile app or our website
  5. Thought-provoking, well-researched long-form articles
  6. Worksheets, guides, and journals that you could use to build your standard operating procedures
  7. Quick tips (tactical tweaks) and tutorials (long-form step-by-step explainer videos)

Private Online Community (Not on Social Media)

We're curating a separate, private experience so you don't have to engage with social media to ask questions or attend events.

Part of our ethos is eliminating distractions.

Social media tends to be a distraction for many business owners.

You can use the community to get support and attend events.

The community is optional. If you prefer, immerse yourself in our content — it's a stand-alone experience.

What You'll Find in the Community

  • Chat threads to share questions, successes, and progress
  • Schedule of upcoming community events
  • Clubhouse-type audio-only 'voice rooms' where you can collaborate with community members on the fly
  • A place to give us feedback, notify us of bugs, and chat about course ideas
  • Live event recordings
  • Our community is accessible via the web, desktop app, and mobile app

Screenshot of our private community
Screenshot of our private community

Review our FAQs

Have more questions? Read our FAQs or contact us. We're happy to help.

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