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Social Media Detox: 7-Day Reflective Journal

Email and social media fragment our time into small soundbites that keep us from doing our best work. This 7-day journal will help you pause.

Social Media Detox: 7-Day Reflective Journal
Social media is a contact sport. — Margaret Molloy

I look at it as a war. We are in a battle between the fear of missing out and our values. What's going to win? Is it FOMO? Our core values?

Are you sitting on social media all day for "business?" I WISH all those likes and comments would put a roof over your head. Sadly...

This guide is about hitting reset. Whether it's to reassess your business, refocus your priorities, or something else, it's never the wrong time to take a break from social media. This 7-day journal walks you through your social media break.

Who is this For?

  • Anyone who needs a social media break

What You'll Learn:

  • Morning and evening prompting questions to help you set an intention and daily priorities
  • Reflective questions and exercises to help you reduce screen time, complete 1-2 high-priority tasks each day, and work with more intentionality
  • Suggested readings to continue your journey

Additional Details:

  • Written by: Jen McFarland
  • Handout: 7-day reflective journal
  • Category: Marketing (Social Media Detox)
  • Level: Beginner

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September 19, 2022

Download: Social Media Detox Journal

September 19, 2022

Suggested Reading

September 19, 2022